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Converting Castles for Cash

Up to this day, some people still cling onto their childhood dream of becoming princes and princesses in a gracious castle. Europe, among others, is dotted by many palatial structures, which have withstood centuries of battles, monarchy, and royal tradition. Some of them are no more than a pile of rubble, while others remain as proud and private as before.

Half a century has past since royal families began considering converting their inherited private estates into commercial establishments -- from royal castle to a royal hotel. Perhaps, heirs have no better alternative because kingly properties are quite expansive and exquisite, requiring a sizeable amount for maintenance. Additionally, maintenance costs of converted castles become tax-deductible.

If you travel to Europe, you would not miss coming across converted castles. In Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, among others, you can find stately countryside homes, impressive historic manor, and elegant ancient châteaus that are no longer exclusive for the nobility and royalty. They are being opened for the general public who wish to stay in a royal accommodation for a night or two. Although they may be integrated with modern conveniences like a beauty salon, fitness gym, ultraviolet tanning, and swirl pool, many still offer authentic ambience of several centuries past. You may still walk upon genuine cobblestone hallways, pass through panelled walls, and climb up majestic stairways towards the upper towers or follow secret tunnels towards mystical dungeons. Guests are sure to be treated and afforded with total luxury. Of course converted castles do not come cheap, but converted castles help make everyone's childhood dream of becoming royalty even for a day come true.

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