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Guernsey Loves Sports

Green is the sporting events colour for the island of Guernsey. The island joins semi-annual Island games, and became host in 1987 and again in 2003. Guernsey also joins the Commonwealth Games. In sporting events that Guernsey does not have international representation and when the British Home Nations are competing with each other, islander athletes may select a Home Nation they like to represent. However, there are some restrictions to this rule. One football player ended up playing for England even if he could have chosen Scotland.

Speaking of football, the Guernsey Football Association runs the game in the island. The most prestigious game is the Sure Mobile Priaulx league, which is played by seven teams, namely Belgrave Wanderers, Northerners, Sylvans, St Martin's, Rovers, Rangers, and Vale Recreation. The other games are the Jackson league, a mixture of top league and youth players; and the Railway league, which features three extra teams Alderney, Guernsey Police, and Port City. Football was played mainly at the Corbet Football Field since 1932. Now, a larger, better stadium is built in Foote's Lane.

Table tennis is also popular in the island. Hundreds of players play the game regularly in four senior and junior leagues. Guernsey sends delegates to represent the island in national and international tournaments.

Additionally, the Guernsey Softball Association (GSA) established in 1936 is one of the oldest and long-running softball associations worldwide. GSA, affiliated to the International Softball Federation (ISF), has more than 300 members.

Guernsey is also active in cricket, motor sports, and sea angling. The island was declared as an associate member of the International Cricket Council in 2008. It hosts regular races along the Vazon beach on its west coast, among others.

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