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Health Precautions for Travellers

Travel is undoubtedly fun; however, it can sometimes be stressful, exhausting or even hazardous. Not all travel escapades are safe, there are some physical dangers and health risk that every one must give careful consideration. To help you avoid untoward incidents or get caught up in a situation that you would not want to be at during your vacation, the following are some travel health precautions that can help you deal with the nasties of travelling.

Get a vaccine. First and foremost, if you are going to do a lot of international travel, it would be a good idea to get a vaccination for highly contagious diseases such as malaria, Yellow fever and mumps. But make sure to have the vaccine some weeks prior to your trip to give your body enough time to adjust to the medicine and fully build up immunity. Usually, you will need a vaccination when you are travelling areas that you have not travelled to before, or to areas that are underdeveloped with regard to healthcare.

Keep a stock of your doctor-prescribed drug. When you are on medication, particularly prescribed meds, you have to keep a good amount of them on your bag. This is to avoid running out some pills while you away from home, because versions of drugs usually vary according to the country or region, in which they are distributed. Meanwhile, if you are taking a prescription drug with you, do not forget to bring the prescription with you or a note from your doctor saying you are allowed to carry such medicine in order to avoid issue with the custom or the airport officials.

Watch what you eat. Do not just eat anywhere, and as much as possible, avoid street food. While some street food may appear very good, it can have bacteria levels, which your body is not used to do.


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