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Shopping the Guernsey Way

The Parish of St. Peter Port is still the primary shopping location in all of Guernsey. However, the parish remains true to its traditional roots and refrains from injecting much change to shopping experience. Once you visit the area, you will find ancient stores and historic buildings scattered there.

If you are fond of shopping sprees, you will surely like to stay in a homey yet luxurious apartment or cottage near St. Peter Port. We recommend you The Clubhouse at La Collinette, which stands on the doorstep of Guernsey's shopping district.

By touring around St. Peter Port, you can spot great finds including watches, waistcoats, antiques, jewellery, perfume, and lingerie. You should not fail to visit the shops located at the High Street, Arcade, Smith Street, and Pollet. Apart from dry goods and fashion items, you may also indulge in a buying fresh produce like meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables needed for your speciality dishes should you choose to stay in a self-catering accommodation like the cottages at La Collinette. Feel free to buy fresh cut flowers for adorning your temporary abode in Guernsey. You may also buy tobacco, wines, and spirits duty-free. Value-added tax is not imposed on the island, so you can readily buy designer garments for the entire family at relatively justifiable rates.

If you visit Guernsey during summer, from May to September, do not miss to visit The Old Guernsey Market near the bus terminus that opens on Thursdays. The market, which was established in 1973, is comprised by several stalls selling traditional products. You would surely find good stuff there, not to mention warm welcome by vendors wearing period costumes.

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