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Transportation Tips in Guernsey

Guernsey is one of the finest island destinations for tourists with its rich history and splendid attractions. Getting around Guernsey should not be a trouble for you, just keep in mind these simple travel tips.

You may rent a car or bring your own at Guernsey. When driving, bear in mind that the roads are narrow. Familiarise the road systems in the area. For starters, a yellow criss-cross box painted at an intersection indicates the island's filter in turn system. At these junctions, all directions are given equal priority. Never enter the box unless the exit is clear. Remember to limit your speed at 35 miles per hours.

The island's primary bus station is located at South Esplanade, along the Town Church. The island-wide bus network is operated by a single company. Do check schedules because some routes do not extend after the evening rush hour. For your convenience, a shuttle service is offered from the airport.

Guernsey is a progressive island with a large number of taxi cab operators. You may contact a cab by browsing through the telephone directory. You may spot them near the Weybridge Clock Tower, the Town Church, and airport terminal, among others.

Rental cars are highly available in the island, specifically the airport or harbour. You can look up car companies in the directory, as well. A rental car can be delivered at your hotel, airport, or harbour, depending on your request.

Parking is typically free, but some are restricted or limited, particularly in a disc zone area. You would need a parking clock, which accompanies rental cars. If you should bring your own vehicle, obtain one from the police station, service station, or at the Tourist Information Centre in St. Peter Port.

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