Hundreds of Dolphins between Guernsey, Herm and Sark!

This summer has been a record for Dolphin sitings by La Collinette guests on their day trips to Herm and Sark. An official for the States of Guernsey Fisheries Department has told us the reason is because of Guernsey’s recent introduction of a new 12 mile Exclusion area imposed around the islands. As a consequence, there are no longer any massive, commercial trawlers allowed in our waters and the “net!” result is there has been a major resurgence of our fish stocks.

Dolphins breaking the surface off the coast of Guernsey. (Photo credit: Visit Guernsey).

This, in turn, has meant that an increasing number of species of fish are finding the waters around the islands as a “safe haven” where they don’t feel constantly threaten by the huge trawling nets which used to dominate our sea fishery surroundings.

The dolphin have also been attracted to the area because of the plentiful food supply and the safety of the waters around the islands.

The result is, they feel safe to gather in large numbers and entertain us on our ferry trips to Herm and Sark by frolicking and dancing around the boats!

My grandchildren (and their mother!) came with us on a trip to Sark the other day and were thrilled at their first ever siting of “real life dolphins” jumping around our ferry boat!

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